Amsterdam , Netherlands | Published on: August 15, 2014
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Biggest #iBeacon Hackathon ever takes place in Amsterdam Aug. 23-24
The first mass producer of iBeacon sensors in the Netherlands - Glimworm Beacons, Europe's most innovative multi-media publisher - Sanoma, and the global App developer network - Appsterdam get together to co-organize a game-changing event – iBeacon Experience Days. The hackathon will be held at the historic VondelCS in Amsterdam Aug. 23-24, and is attracting hundreds of developers and dozens of leading organizations around Europe, all hungry for iBeacon enabled Smart Phone Apps.

Ever since Apple announced it's rival to Near Field Communication (NFC) micro location Blue Tooth Low Energy (BTLE) enabled iBeacon platform with the release of iOS version 7.0 in November last year, there has been a race to gain market share in what could be the most significant mobile technology of the decade. Beacons send a radio signal to your Smart Phone that triggers actions on Apps--such as push notifications or opening content without pushing a button. Beacons differ from NFC in that it works on both Apple and Android devices, it sends signals up to 50 meters away, and it is capable of triggering different actions based on long, medium and nearby distances. 

This is a sort of "holy grail" functionality that covers the entire mobile audience--sending the right message to the right person, at the right place and time. It is new, emerging, and big. And it's getting bigger fast--a recent report from ABI research estimates that shipments of dedicated Beacon hardware will reach over 60 million within 5 years. This is the sort of emerging technology, combined with rapid industry growth, that indicates a serious shift in the way we communicate.

Following the relative success of iBeacon Discovery Day (a smaller pilot event also co-organized by Appsterdam in January this year) and after contributing to Hackathons in San Francisco and London organized by BeMyApp, Glimworm co-founders Paul Manwaring and Jonathan Carter decided the emerging industry needed a big hackathon in Amsterdam. So they approached Appsterdam and Sanoma with the idea of joining forces to host a much larger event and attract serious brands, organizations and developers. 


According to the organizers, the event is meant to get leaders with various talents and visions together to collaborate and push the technology as far a possible--over a weekend of inspiration, fun and a bit of hard work. In addition to the 200 developers expected to attend from various countries across Europe, the diverse list of institutional contributors and participants include Sanoma Digital Media brands such as NU.NL, KPMG, The Amsterdam Economic Board, The Europeana Foundation, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, The Netherlands Tax Service, Public Broadcaster AVRO Tros, and leading startup accelerator Rockstart, among other public and private leaders.


Especially for this hackathon, Sanoma and AVRO Tros will open up their digital libraries to participants. Glimworm Beacons staff will also be on-hand to give hackers all the tools they need to create exciting hacks and unique apps, and to set new industry standards.

Serious developers and industry creatives who want to participate are encouraged to sign up on Appsterdams Meetup page ( ) as soon as possible, as space is limited. 

The iBeacon Experience days will be streamed live on using the social broadcasting platform The webcast is hosted by Erwin Blom who will conduct live interviews throughout the entire event from Saturday Aug. 23, 10:00 am to Sunday Aug 24 at 20:00. 

The event is held at the historic VondelCS, newly renovated home of public radio and television broadcaster AVRO Tros - Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

"There is huge potential to deliver meaningful, interactive content with Beacons - Sanoma recognizes this are 100% behind working together to explore the possibilities and a big hackathon is a great way to push the technology to the limit fast - we are all very excited to see what happens."

— Paul Manwaring co-founder Glimworm IT BV and Glimworm Beacons
“What is significant about this event is that the Glimworm Beacon development staff will be there to help the hackers. I've been to events where the first day is all about the developers finding their way around the technology and this won't happen here.”

— Jonathan Carter co-founder Glimworm IT BV and Glimworm Beacons
"The dutch app developers from the APPsterdam community are among the best of the world. Combine that with the Glimwormbeacon, a dutch designed and engineered beacon and you understand why the biggest beacon hackathon of the world needs to be in Holland". 

— John Tillema, co-founder Tweetonig and Glimworm Beacons
"Appsterdam is excited to be a part of this second, bigger edition of an iBeacon hackathon with Glimworm and Sanoma. It's a great way for our community to express their ideas, and get together for a weekend of networking, innovation, and fun."

— Tara Ross, Head of Communication Appsterdam
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